Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


"I had no idea how this process would work.  I certainly was surprised by what happened AND the power of the process."  — Kim J., Business Owner


Q.  How do Truyu processes compare to therapy, counseling, or coaching?
A. Therapy, counseling, and coaching are common and valuable growth modalities, yet they tend to produce results incrementally across many sessions and can take months or years to accomplish significant change.

Core and truly unique to Truyu processes are our unparalleled and rapidly effective Clear Hear™ and Belief Bridge™ technologies.  These simply don’t exist in other healing and growth modalities.  Our processes guide your unconscious mind to deliver the perfect empowering belief needed to dramatically change how you view yourself and your life in a specific area of interest to you.

Our process builds new neural connections that embody your desired belief, giving you incredible power where little or none existed before.  Clients are always surprised and delighted by the results.  We at Truyu are passionate about what we do – always diving ever deeper into researching, learning, and creating valuable new processes.

Q. When do Truyu results kick in, and how long do the results last?
A. Clients experience results immediately.  Interviews over a year later reveal that the powerful and valuable results remain at full strength.  Our behavioral models and interviews indicate that it’s life-long.

Q. Is there any downside to a Truyu session?
A. None that we can find.  We’ve done hundreds of sessions, and have seen only powerfully positive outcomes.  Truyu processes are safe, loving, and reliably work wonders.  The effective results you’ve always wanted last a lifetime.

Q. How many Truyu sessions should I do?
A. Though dramatic results are quite often obtained with a single session, we recommend three or more sessions as they build on each other and the results amplify exponentially. More IS better. By a lot.


"My income has doubled in the four months since my session."

— Aisha T., Sales

Q. How were the Truyu processes created?
A. Truyu founder Alan Cooney had an epiphany while experiencing a deep emotional healing process at his monthly men’s group meeting.  The epiphany was a clear insight into how emotional healing techniques could be dramatically improved.  

He immediately implemented his vision with tremendous results, leading to his men’s group operating in an entirely new way.  The unique process became known as, “Self-Directed Work”, and its speed and effectiveness were far greater than anything the group had experienced before.

Alan was still successfully using Self-Directed Work techniques years later, while a firm belief and keen interest in an even deeper and more powerful process often kept him awake at night.

Then Alan met Kirby Joy in a personal growth course.  Kirby’s deep love of personal growth, advanced degree in psychology, and uncanny catalyzing influence had an effect on Alan akin to the Big Bang.

After many years of searching for the deeper process Alan knew he’d find, his collaboration with Kirby over mere months had Self-Directed Work blossom into one of Truyu’s most powerful processes.  Development of powerful new processes continues.

Q. This sounds a bit like a modality my friend does, though it has a different name.  Is it the same?
A. It’s not. Personal growth work often has overlaps here and there.  Truyu sessions may have small bits of similarities to other modalities, yet the dramatic results you experience very quickly with Truyu speak to its uniqueness.  Schedule a session and you will see for yourself that Truyu is utterly new and stunningly effective.


Q. How often should I have a Truyu session?
A.  A Truyu session builds new neural networks in your brain, much like working out in a gym builds new muscle tissue in your body.  As with rigorous exercise, it’s best to take a little break between sessions to integrate.  There’s no detrimental effect from doing sessions more frequently, it’s just a bit tiring.  Our trained and certified Truyu Guides are masterful at pacing multiple Truyu sessions for maximum benefit.

Q. Is there a book or two I can read and get similar results?
A. Unfortunately, no.  Reading books, watching videos, or hearing from others will build your knowledge.  However,  knowledge has a very limited impact on your unconscious and automatic behaviors.  What does powerfully impact behaviors is experience.  Here’s an example:  Imagine reading a dozen books about riding a bicycle.  Could you then ride a bicycle?  No, you couldn't.  To develop the automatic motor skills to ride a bike, you must experience it.  In the same way, no amount of consumption of knowledge (reading books) can produce even a tiny fraction of the results of a Truyu session.  Truyu sessions are safe, loving, fun, fast, and highly experiential.


Q. Is this just “positive thinking”?
A. Positive thinking has proven at least somewhat effective if you’re diligent over the necessary months and years to have it sink in.  Placing a note of affirmation on your bathroom mirror can certainly make a difference.  And yet could an affirmation immediately transform a belief or behavior pattern that’s very deeply ingrained?  Not a chance.  We promise that a Truyu session is vastly more effective than mere positive thinking.


Q. It works over the phone?  Really?
A. Yes, and you’ll see that it actually makes perfect sense; the session is done with your eyes closed, so it’s all auditory from your perspective.  You will be looking inward, and your Truyu Guide needn't see you for the session to be 100% effective.  We reach people all over the world by delivering Truyu sessions via phone, Skype, and Facetime.  You’re welcome to request an in-person session if you live near a Truyu Guide. 

Q. Can you share your clinical research?
A. We expect to soon, so stay tuned!  Exciting research is being developed at this time.

Q. What if I don't like it or it doesn't work for me?
A. We're confident that you'll like it.  And that it works.  And if for any reason you disagree, we offer a no-nonsense money back guarantee.



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