Alan Cooney

Founder and President

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Alan’s core values are growth and connection.  His 18 years of deep personal growth work combine with his mastery of science and technology to yield a unique aptitude for creating scientifically sound, reliable processes for personal expansion.  As a highly respected mentor and coach, Alan has helped hundreds of individuals to break free from their limiting beliefs and self-imposed restrictions. He holds an honors degree in engineering, and left a senior position at Apple to form Truyu and pursue his love of helping people grow.

Kirby Joy 

Founder and Truyu Guide

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Kirby’s core values are growth, connection, and love. A highly competent and compassionate professional, Kirby has founded two companies and directed multiple nonprofit agencies, each with a mission to heal and empower people of diverse ages and abilities.  Kirby holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.  She has practiced family therapy, individual counseling, and personal coaching for 23 years. She loves Truyu because in all her years of counseling experience, Truyu's processes have proven to be the most effective.

"I really appreciate the illumination I’ve received.  I see clearly the things that were blocking me.  I feel so much more at peace."

— Ana L., Customer Service Rep.

Kate Gillispie 

Marketing Director & Truyu Guide

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Kate’s core values are connection, learning, and joy. Her passion for deep listening and authentic communication has been life-long. She uses her innate empathy and insight to empower countless people. Kate’s zeal for Truyu stems from its revolutionary processes and the profound life transformations she is privileged to witness in her clients. Kate holds a BA in Psychology and is presently applying to schools for her PhD in Psychology.