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A session with Truyu takes you on a profound inner journey that is guaranteed to transform your life.

You will be surprised and delighted.

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How a Truyu Session Works

  • You will work individually with a certified Truyu Guide.  Sessions last one or two hours, depending on the type of session you choose.  Sessions are delivered via phone. FaceTime and Skype are available for those outside the USA. In-person may be available upon request if you are near a Truyu Guide.  

  • You are always in control of the Truyu session and how it unfolds.  The session is completely supportive and respectful.

  • In a TruClear session, you will be guided through a safe and gentle process in which you receive profound validation from your Truyu Guide.  Deep validation clears mental clutter and opens your heart, giving you much greater access to your inner wisdom and truth.  In one hour, you emerge with the clarity you need to decide, speak and act with confidence.

  • A TruShift session builds on this clarity, then takes you far deeper, giving you certainty that a new and incredibly empowering belief about yourself is undeniably true. You will now view yourself in a radically new and empowered way.  You will easily take actions that previously seemed impossible, naturally creating what you previously only dreamed of.

Common Experiences After a Truyu Session:

 ✔︎  Increased ease and joy

✔︎  Positive changes in thoughts and behaviors

✔︎  Automatic transformations in relationships, work, health, and financial abundance.


"Before my Truyu session I struggled to find clients for my business.  When I embodied the belief 'I am enough,' my courage skyrocketed.  I now have a thriving practice."

– Gretchen D., Massage Therapist


"I love my new belief, 'I trust myself.' It feels really true."

— Dr. Erika Thost, MD

Dr. Thost had difficulty making decisions about what she wanted in life.  After her TruShift session, those decisions became effortless.  In the doctor’s own words:


"I felt stuck because I didn’t trust myself to know and choose what I truly wanted.  Often, I would freeze rather than pursue my dreams, or I'd go along with what others wanted and then feel unhappy about it.   Along came a TruShift session, and wow, things have really changed!  I love my new belief, ‘I trust myself.’  It feels really true. I have a warm, solid feeling inside. This has quieted the negative voices in my head.  My concern about missing out in life because I don’t know what I want is no longer here.  It's easy and fun to create what I want."  

— Dr. Erika Thost, MD

"The realization that I am capable is exactly what I needed ..."

— Frank G., Business Owner

Frank struggled with procrastination for many years.  His TruShift session resulted in a new awareness of his capabilities, which left him free to take action.  In his own words:

“I’ve been procrastinating for years.  I now know that my lack of action was coming from the belief that I am not capable.  I now see that I am capable.  I can feel this awareness taking root in my psyche. This realization is exactly what I needed in my life.  Up until now, my self image has been that I am powerless.  I feel very different now — the antithesis of how I have felt about myself for a very long time.  I feel quickened; more alert.  I can visualize myself being energetic, focused and productive.  It’s a big step.  I am feeling strong from the session.  I liked how loving and gentle the process was.  I felt safe.  Thank you.  It was delightful.”  

— Frank G., Business Owner


Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you happy. So here’s our straight-talking, no-nonsense guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any session from Truyu, you can either get your money back or have another session – your choice.

We’ve helped hundreds of people have more of the life they want, which is why we can make such a guarantee. And if you’d like another session, it can be with the same Truyu Guide or a different Truyu Guide. As always, it's your choice.


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