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A session with Truyu takes you on an inner journey that is guaranteed to transform your life.  You will be surprised and delighted by either of our two powerful processes:

One-on-one over the phone with a Truyu Guide, working on a topic important to you ✔︎ ✔︎
In the first hour, you gain tremendous clarity, confidence ✔︎ ✔︎
You begin to uncover some unique and new empowering statements about self ✔︎ ✔︎
In the second hour, dive even deeper to fully release beliefs that hold you back ✔︎
You pinpoint new beliefs about yourself that are highly empowering and specific to you ✔︎
You know, in your very bones, that empowering new beliefs about yourself are absolutely true ✔︎
Within a few TrueShift sessions, you have the permanent ability to naturally and easily take action in the area of life you are focusing on ✔︎
Session price $125 $225


Like to know more?  Here is further detail about each process:



Achieve Clarity and Certainty.

$125 for one hour session.


Are you confused or uncertain about an area of your life?  Having difficulty making a decision or knowing what you want?  Feeling unsure about how to handle a situation?  We often have doubts and fears that mask our own inner guidance.  Through the revolutionary and deep TruClear process, mental chaos and mixed emotions effortlessly disappear.  You emerge with the clarity you need to decide, speak and act with confidence and ease.


TruClear Session Experience:

  • One hour session brings clarity to any area of challenge.

  • Conducted one-on-one with a certified Truyu Guide via phone.  FaceTime and Skype are available for those outside the USA.  In-person may be available upon request.

  • Though you are guided through the process, you are always in complete control.  

  • Your Guide will listen and validate you in ways that you’ve most likely never experienced before.  The result: mental clutter simply melts away. 

  • You feel free, peaceful and clear, with easy access to your inner wisdom.  New choices and opportunities emerge that you couldn’t see before.  Conflict is absent.  Confusion is gone!

  • Your next step in the area of challenge will be obvious to you.  Guaranteed.

  • Ongoing sessions allow you to consistently make decisions from a state of clarity.


Transform the Beliefs that Hold You Back. 

$225 for two hour session.


Are you unable to achieve your goals?  Are your life circumstances or your relationships less fulfilling than you’d like them to be?   We all have hidden, self-defeating ideas about ourselves that keep us from having all that we desire.  TruShift is a proven process that sets you free from these self-imposed limitations.  You come to view yourself in a radically new and empowered way.  As a result, you naturally and easily create what you previously only dreamed of.


TruShift Session Experience:

  • Two hour session transforms any area of challenge.

  • Conducted one-on-one with a certified Truyu Guide via phone.  FaceTime and Skype are available for those outside the USA.  In-person may be available upon request.

  • Your session begins with the TruClear process in which mental clutter melts away, giving you access to your inner wisdom.

  • You are then guided through a profound self inquiry in which you uncover one or more incredibly empowering, loving statements you’d like to believe about yourself.

  • The process leaves you with a deep knowing that these highly empowering statements — beliefs about yourself — are undeniably true.

  • Within a few TrueShift sessions, old limitations are gone, and new abilities prevail.  Actions that were previously inconceivable are now natural and easy.  Guaranteed.

  • Transformation of any life area is possible with TruShift.  Ongoing sessions can transform every area of your life.


"I am closer to my son now."

— John B., Business Consultant


Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you happy. So here’s our straight-talking, no-nonsense guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any session from Truyu, you can either get your money back or have another session – your choice.

We’ve helped hundreds of people have more of the life they want, which is why we can make such a guarantee. And if you’d like another session, it can be with the same Guide or a different Guide. As always, it's your choice.


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