The Truyū Process

We Guide You to Discover Your Magnificence

The result?  Freedom.  Power.  Ease.


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The Truyū Process

We Guide You to Discover Your Magnificence

The result?  Freedom.  Power.  Ease.


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What is Truyu? 

Truyu is a team of extraordinary people who are passionate about guiding you to uncover your magnificence.  We founded Truyu when a radically new transformational process was developed by a spiritually oriented therapist and a scientifically minded, technical wizard.  People find our work profoundly gentle, efficient, and effective.  We are so confident you will be delighted by the results, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


How a Truyu Session Works

A Truyu session takes you on an inner journey of self discovery and transformation that is guaranteed to delight you.

  • You will work individually with a certified Truyu Guide.  Sessions last one or two hours, depending on the type of session you choose.  Sessions are delivered via phone. 

  • You are always in control of the Truyu session and how it unfolds.  The session is completely supportive and respectful.

  • With eyes closed, you will be guided through a safe, gentle process in which you receive profound validation from your Truyu Guide.  Deep validation clears mental clutter and opens your heart, giving you much greater access to your inner wisdom and truth.  You emerge from a one hour session with the clarity you need to decide, speak and act with confidence.

  • A two hour session builds on this clarity, then takes you far deeper, giving you certainty that a new and incredibly empowering belief about yourself is undeniably true. 

  • You now view yourself in a radically new and empowered way.  You emerge from the session easily taking actions that previously seemed impossible, thereby naturally creating what you previously only dreamed of.

Common Experiences After a Truyu Session:

 ✔︎  Increased ease and joy

✔︎  Positive changes in thoughts and behaviors

✔︎  Automatic transformations in relationships, work, health, and financial abundance.


"Before my Truyu session I struggled to find clients for my massage business.  When I embodied the belief 'I am enough,' my courage skyrocketed.  I now have a thriving practice."  – Katelyn


"I doubted the validity of my feelings."

Angela was struggling to speak her mind in her friendships.  Her Truyu session resulted in a new ability to honor herself.  In her own words:

“Things have shifted so much … I was in severe pain from not expressing myself before my session.  The pain is now completely gone.“

After Angela’s session, she found she was able to discuss sensitive topics, not only with her friends, but with her family as well.  She now enjoys a much deeper connection with herself and her loved ones. 


"I was lonely in a room full of people." 

John frequently resisted being alone because he would experience an overwhelming sense of emptiness.  After his session, he felt peaceful and deeply connected to himself.  His memory of feeling lonely and empty had diminished dramatically.  In his own words:

“Before, I would always feel lonely, even in a room full of people.  Now I don’t experience any loneliness or emptiness, whether I’m alone or with others." 

We want you happy. So here’s our straight talking, no nonsense guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with any Truyu session, you can either get your money back or have another session – your choice.

We’ve helped hundreds of people have more of the life they want, which is why we can make such a guarantee. And if you'd like another session, it can be with the same Guide or a different Guide. As always, it's your choice.